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Meagan Ray Portmann CD(DONA)

 Congratulations! I am honored to know that as you envision your ideal birth, you think of a doula being present. I would love to assist you in that sacred moment.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the ability women have to grow, birth, and mother their babies. After experiencing the traumatic birth of my first child, I knew birth could be better and went hunting for answers. I then discovered doulas and the incredible support they are to mothers, and their birth partners. I never could have dreamt that this work would bless my life in the many ways it has. I feel called to help mothers, and I am honored to assist these incredible women on their journey to brilliantly beautiful births. My hope for mothers is that they may reflect back on their birth with peace in their hearts, knowing that they were confident and had a loving team, protecting their birth experience. 

​Photography is just the cherry on top! How great it is to reflect back on your birth by looking at those professional pictures taken during the most incredible moments of you lifetime. "Birth photography transforms the birth journey into more than just a cherished life memory. It creates the story of your child’s birth from the tiniest detail to the sheer emotion shared between partners to the moment that baby and parents fall in love at first sight." (​.

I look forward to providing my services to you.


Professional Profile

Meagan Portmann is a certified birth doula through DONA International. She has attended births at Mountain View, Madison Memorial, EIRMC, Portneuf Medical Center, Bingham Memorial, and Selah Midwifery Center, and home birth. Before becoming a doula, she did professional photography for many years, but now centers photography towards mother and baby sessions. 

Meagan is the founder of Baby Brilliance Services, and co-founder and Managing Director of Doulas of Eastern Idaho.

Being a wife and mother of two is Meagan's greatest joy. She also loves being outdoors, caring for her garden, doing home projects, and wearing yoga pants.

Experience With:


   High risk

​   Single parents

​   Cesarean birth

​   Survivors of childhood sexual abuse

​   Survivors of previous life trauma

   Plus size mothers

​   VBAC

​   HypnoBabies


   Home birth

​Reduced Rates for:

  Military families

  Women considering adoption

  Teen moms